Get Two Free Nights at any Hyatt Hotel (up to ~$2200 value)


Chase Bank is offering a fantastic deal on the Hyatt Hotel Card right now.

When you are approved for a Hyatt credit card (click here to apply), you receive two free nights at any Hyatt hotel worldwide once you spend $1000 on the credit card within three months. This has an immense value when traveling, as some of the world’s best Hyatt hotels (category 6 hotels) can cost upwards of $1100 per night for a basic room. You get two $1100 hotel nights for free with this card.

The card has an annual fee, but there is a way to have this waived:
1. Go to a Hyatt hotel web site and search for a hotel room.
2. Look for an advertisement on the right-hand side advertising a $100 statement credit and 2 free hotel nights.
3. Click the banner.
4. Apply for the credit card through that banner.
5. Receive a $100 statement credit, which more than covers the $75 annual fee. Then you also receive the 2 free hotel nights after spending $1000 within three months.

I particularly recommend this card for free stays at hotels such as the luxury 5-star Park Hyatt Sydney. If you have a spouse or friend complete this offer, you can extend a free stay to four days by using both of your park’s 2 free nights.

Good luck. Leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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