Get Two Free Nights at any Fairmont Hotel (up to ~$864 value)


Similar to the Hyatt credit card, the Fairmont credit card is offering 2 free hotel nights at any Fairmont upon approval (after spending $1000 within three months). The 2 free hotel nights also include breakfast for two. Click here to apply.

To be clear, this bonus is not “worth” as much as the bonus offered on the Hyatt hotel credit card. Even the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver, BC only costs USD $432 per night with breakfast included, as opposed to the ~$1100 per night potential value offered by the Hyatt credit card.

Nonetheless, if you are a fan of the Fairmont chain, this card remains an excellent value due to its two free nights. It also does not charge any annual fee.

To summarize the offer:
1. Apply for the credit card.
2. Spend $1000 (on anything) within three months from account opening.
3. Receive two free hotel nights – with breakfast included – at any Fairmont hotel worldwide.
4. There is no annual fee on this card.

If you’re looking at both the Hyatt credit card and the Fairmont credit card, go for the Hyatt one due to the higher free hotel night value. Both are offered by Chase, so you cannot be approved for both at the same time (you’ll have to pick one and apply for the other after around six months).

Good luck! Please add a comment with any questions.

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